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The Feeling of Greatness


Moe Norman

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The Feeling of Greatness—The Legend of Moe Norman - Teaser Trailer
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“Moe is the 'Rain Man' of golf. It's a

character drama. It's an underdog story.”



A look inside the inspiring, comedic,

and at times tragic character known

as the “Rain Man of Golf.”

A young pin-setter working a bowling alley in 1956 Kitchener, Ontario 

received an invitation to play the most prestigious tournament in golf

— The Masters.


Shy, unrefined and a bit unusual with a swing to match, Moe Norman clashed with the conservative country club world of professional golf, retreating from the PGA two years later. What should have been a forgotten footnote in golf history became a cult figure and a legendary swing.

Often known as the "Rain Man of Golf" and "The Mysterious Genius of Golf," Moe’s story is both a tale of unachieved success, and the story of a man succeeding beyond expectations. We trace his origins from a childhood accident, success as an amateur, failure in the PGA, his disappearance and finally his resurgence as one of "golf's greatest ball-strikers." Hearing from family, friends and many of the pros he competed against, the film examines Moe as a person and an athlete who didn’t have the social skills to survive the PGA, but became a legend on the Canadian circuit. It's a story filled with pathos and exhilaration, swinging through periods of despair, discovery, acceptance and finally celebration.

[Excerpt from Tim O'Connor's biography, The Feeling of Greatness: The Moe Norman Story]

I asked Moe what he loved about hitting a golf ball.

"The thrill of feeling it,' he said. "Ah, that felt great. Now I did what I wanted to do. Every muscle enjoyed that shot. Oh, that was nice. That’s what I get a kick out of. The feeling of greatness."