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Producer, director, and Oscar and Emmy-winning screenwriter Barry Morrow leads the production team of the documentary, The Feeling of Greatness, which traces the career and personal travails of golf’s most enigmatic star,

Murray “Moe” Norman.

Morrow is known as one of Hollywood’s greatest hearts. His iconic screenwriting portrayal of real-life autistic Kim Peek in the film Rain Man (1988) followed an earlier autobiographical work, Bill (1981), which chronicled his own friendship and legal guardianship of Bill Sackter, a man who spent 44 years in an institution for the mentally handicapped. Both films garnered several of Hollywood's top honors in film and television, including Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Screenplay (Rain Man).

Attracted to Norman when Golf Digest called Moe the

“Rain Man of Golf,” Morrow then met Norman and wrote a dramatic feature film about his life, currently in the development stage. Morrow's most recent completed work, a romantic comedy, Smitten!, is expected in theaters soon.  


In his personal life, Morrow’s advocacy for marginalized groups both in real life as well as film led to a Lifetime Achievement award from the National Association of

Social Workers.



My friend, mentor and motivator Moe Norman was slowly dying, and we both knew it. As we shared our final joys one morning on the golf course, I promised him I would dedicate my life to teaching his genius golf swing and perpetuate his legacy.


Moe’s way was unique. His special technique would eventually earn him fame, even though his enigmatic personality kept him in relative obscurity during the prime of his life. During the years Moe tutored me and our friendship flourished, I watched as great golfers with names like Woods, Trevino and Venturi testified to his exceptional ball striking abilities.


Resting halfway during that sentimental final round, I recall saying: “The world needs to know about you Moe, you have so much to offer.”


Moe’s response was: “But, what can one man do?”


The Feeling of Greatness is the story of a mastermind—

Moe—told by many who knew his amazing golfing talent and emotionally-challenged character. It is a collaboration which includes some of the greatest storytellers, producers and me, the one keeping a promise.



Co-founder of media production company Tri 3 Media, Nathan Edwards has been directing golf-focused videos for 20 years, much of that time working closely with Todd Graves and Moe Norman’s legacy.


Also an accomplished and award-winning narrative filmmaker with a background in journalism and archival footage, Edwards brings a rare mix of skills to a complex narrative.



A New York City-based commercial editor and filmmaker with an extensive documentary background, J. Matthew Jacob's post-production experience includes films such as Actor/Director Ethan Hawke's Seymour: An Introduction (2014), Murderball (2005), Favela Rising (2005), The Trials of Darryl Hunt (2006) and the ESPN 30 for 30 films, The Two Escobars (2010) and Youngstown Boys (2013).


As an editor for the documentary exhibition Darfur/Darfur, his work has exhibited in more than 30 cities and museums worldwide.



Spenser Sakurai is a highly sought-after cinematographer who has traveled the globe, serving as Director of Photography and 2nd Unit Director of Photography on commercial work for nation-wide clients such as ESPN, Adidas, KFC and Google. 



Tim O’Connor is the author of the best-selling biography, The Feeling of Greatness: The Moe Norman Story. An award-winning journalist and coach, O’Connor has been fascinated by Moe Norman since he was a junior golfer in Southern Ontario.


He draws on Norman’s legacy in his speaking engagements, his coaching practice and in his role as head coach of the University of Guelph golf team. He co-hosts the Swing Thoughts podcast.



Keenan Garrett’s background in film production includes Hollywood experience on set and in the backlots of Universal Studios, where he assisted executives during the production of Evan Almighty (2006), starring

Steve Carell. He has since been involved in several independently produced award-winning films.


In addition to assisting with camera and the editing process on the film, he also brings a unique journalistic storytelling background to the project having worked as a sports writer and photojournalist in broadcasting.


Garrett has worked closely with Executive Producer Todd Graves and Director Nathan Edwards on many projects related to preserving the legacy of Moe Norman.

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