Pictured below are the interviewees filmed thus far. They include friends, family, colleagues, authors and others who have graciously contributed to telling Moe's story and preserving his legacy.

PGA Tour & Champions Tour Pro,

TV Analyst for NBC Sports

& Golf Channel


Lorne rubenstein

Author (Moe and Me),

Golf Journalist, 

Canadian Golf Hall of Fame 

Chris Berman

ESPN Broadcaster &

Avid Golfer


Barney Adams

Legendary Golf Entrepreneur



Friend of Moe and brother of

Recording Artist Neil Young


barry morrow

Academy Award-winning 

Screenwriter (Rain Man, 1988),

Friend of Moe


sandra post

Former LPGA Tour Player,

Canadian Golf Hall of Fame,

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame


Artie McNickle

Former PGA Tour Player,

Golf Instructor


gary cowan

Canadian Golf Hall of Fame,

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame


Herb Holzscheiter (left)

& tim McCutcheon (right)

Canadian Golfers and 

Friends of Moe


Bob Panasik

Canadian Golf Hall of Fame, 

PGA of Canada Hall of Fame


wilf homenuik

Canadian Golf Hall of Fame,

PGA of Canada Hall of Fame


John Elliott, Jr.

Former PGA Tour & Canadian Tour Player


david frost

PGA Tour Champions Player,

Former PGA Tour Player


bob Weeks

Canadian Golf Journalist &

Broadcaster, Canadian Golf

Hall of Fame


tim norman

Nephew of Moe


craig Shankland

PGA Teaching Professional, 

Friend of Moe


david fay

Former Director of United States Golf Association


Tim O'Connor

Author (The Feeling of Greatness: The Moe Norman Story)


bob carney

Writer (Golf Digest)


david owen

Contributing Editor at Golf Digest


guy yocom

Senior Writer at Golf Digest


dave colling

Canadian Golf Industry

Executive & Journalist


mike martz

Canadian Golf Professional,

Friend of Moe


reed howard

Professional Golfer using 

Moe's Swing Method


ken varty

Canadian Golf Teaching Professional, Friend of Moe


Kelly Murray

Golf Professional & Entertainer


doug ferreri

Golf Editor (The Bertholy Method)


gar hamilton

Canadian Golfer & Former

 PGA Tour Player


kevin Thistle

CEO, PGA of Canada


darold treffert, MD

Expert on Autism & Savant Syndrome, Technical Consultant for Rain Man (1988)


ed woroch

Canadian Golfer, Friend of Moe


paul williams

Canadian Golfer


richard woroch

Canadian Golfer, Friend of Moe


meggan gardner

Director of Heritage Services at

Golf Canada


mark evershed

Canadian Golf Teaching Professional, Friend of Moe


larry olson

Former President of Natural Golf


Dr. Jim Suttie

PGA Teaching Professional,

Friend of Moe


jay golden

Golf Entertainer


ron cruickshank, Phd

Behavioral Scientist


frank corby

Canadian Golf Professional & Instructor


todd graves

Co-founder of Graves Golf,

Friend & Student of Moe


behind the scenes

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