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'Play Golf From the Heart' Interview with Todd Graves

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Moe Norman handed Todd Graves a slip of paper with the parting words of wisdom that changed his life.

I've heard the phrase many times while producing videos for Graves Golf—Play Golf From the Heart.

It was Moe Norman's parting message to his friend and protege Todd Graves, executive producer of the 'Feeling of Greatness' documentary, who passes on this message to his dedicated students at 5-Day Single Plane golf schools.

So I decided what better time than mid-February to sit down with Todd to have a conversation about what that phrase really means. Above is the video in which Todd reflects on Moe's lasting message to him in their final meeting.

Moe Norman in 2004

In case you missed Part 1 of Todd's interview about his final round of golf with Moe Norman, you can watch that inspiring video below in which he pays tribute on Moe's birthday.


Keenan Garrett is an Associate Producer and Camera Operator for the documentary and is currently the Video Production Manager at Graves Golf

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