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Donate to the documentary that showcases the life of Moe Norman

Be a part of Moe's legacy by contributing to this ultimate, and possibly the final, documentary about his extraordinary life and career. Below you can find our donation packages and watch the latest teaser trailers for the film.

Donation Packages

Any amount helps the film move forward as the team works to finalize production with celebrity interviews about Moe, and then on to post-production where all the magic happens.

Check out the great donation packages below, and thank you in advance for your helping tell Moe's story.

Moe Norman Swag Box (Moe Collage)

In stock
Product Details
In this donation package, you will receive the most unique and quality Moe Norman products, including the "He Did it His Way" driver Head Cover topped with Moe Norman's classic signature and image.
You also receive the classically and artistically designed Moe Norman, "He did it his way" Moe Norman Collage Towel.

Three Moe Norman "Mysterious Moe" Ball Markers and Tim O'Connor's best-selling book "The Feeling of Greatness" complement this incredible, one of a kind, package.

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Teaser Trailers

Moe Norman's 'Swedish Meatball' Interview (Teaser Trailer)

Moe Norman's Cadillac (Teaser Trailer)

Moe Norman's Coke Bottle Tee (Teaser Trailer)

Value of Practice (Teaser Trailer)

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