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Author and SCOREGolf Magazine’s Lorne Rubenstein reflects on his 
friendship with Moe Norman.
Reed Howard, son of Academy Award-winning Filmmaker Ron Howard, 
reveals why he adopted Moe Norman's swing method in an effort to play professional golf.
Canadian Golf Pro Mark Evershed discusses how he helped 
Moe Norman get inducted into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame 
after he was snubbed for years.
Bob Young, former professional Canadian golfer and brother to 
singer-songwriter Neil Young, tells incredible stories about his
times spent with Moe Norman.
Bob Carney, author and Contributing Editor at Golf Digest, discusses 
the headlines about Moe Norman.
Tim Norman, nephew of Moe Norman, gets ready to discuss his family's 
relationship with their phenom golfer.
Author of The Feeling of Greatness Tim O'Connor sits down
for stories that inspired his book about Moe Norman.
Co-founding Executive of ESPN Peter Fox offers insight into 
why Moe Norman's legacy continues.
Academy Award-winning screenwriter of Rain Man and one of the film's producers, Barry Morrow, reminisces about his time with Moe Norman and
what inspired him to write a feature-length screenplay about
the "Rain Man of Golf."
Barry Morrow interviews Moe Norman's colleagues in the 
Canadian professional golf circuit, Tim McCutcheon (left) and
Herb Holzsheiter (right) as their friend Ken Varty listens in.
Canadian Golf Pro Ken Varty contributes first-hand anecdotes 
about Moe Norman.
Mike Martz, golf pro in Moe Norman's home town, sits down
for an emotional and engaging interview about Norman.
Close friend of Moe Norman, Larry Olson, talks with Producer Barry Morrow
outside Medinah Country Club as Director Nathan Edwards looks on.
The film crew visits the majestic Medinah Country Club for an interview
  in Medinah, Illinois.
Cinematographer Spenser Sakurai (center) leads an elaborate lighting
setup for an interview in Chester, Connecticut.
The film crew stops by Moe Norman's childhood home in Kitchener, Ontario,
just down the street from his infamous sledding accident.
One of America's top golf instructor's, Jim "Doc" Suttie, provides a 
deeper perspective as to what made Moe Norman a prodigy.
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